Phoenix Chef Appearing on Chopped Makes Mole Verde



“Tacos That Push The Boundaries”


New article from Phoenix Times for your enjoyment.

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AZ Central: Contemporary Taco Trio


Chef Rich Hinojosa grew up in taco territory, albeit of a slightly different….

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CRUjiente Tacos in Arcadia: Happy Hour Report Card


The Phoenix New Times tested us. Check out our grades.

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CRUjiente Tacos Elevates Arcadia’s Taco Game

CRUjiente full gallery HI RES (21 of 84)

We can’t get enough of the mass praise Phoenix New Times gives our food. Check out their recent article.

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New Times Covers CRUjiente


The Phoenix New Times highlighted CRUjiente Tacos on their site. Check out what they had to say

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Phoenix Magazine Gives You the Full Breakdown


Just listen to these guys “taco bout it”. They tell it all.

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AZ Food & Wine Gives Us Mass Praise

CRUjiente full gallery HI RES (74 of 84)

Read the full restaurant review in the link below:

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New Times Is Hungry and Waiting for Our Opening


We had the opportunity to get together with Phoenix New Times and share some of what we’re about.

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KTAR Reviews the Full CRUjiente Experience

CRUjiente full gallery HI RES (30 of 84)

KTAR finds out menu is packed full of “tasty must-haves” in this must-read article.

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Bringing The Heat on Our Cooking Demonstration for Fox 40 Sacramento


Delicious and healthy can be wrapped up in the same tortilla at Crujiente Tacos.


“Not Your Average Taco Shop” Review by Images Arizona


“CRUjiente Tacos puts the crunch in tacos excelente!”, according to Images Arizona writer Shannon Severson. View write-up in it’s entirety

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AZ Jewish Life “CRUjiente: Tasty Tacos and More”

CRUjiente full gallery HI RES (16 of 84)

We made their new top recommendation for where to go for Mexican food in Arizona.

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FabAZ Names Crujiente Tacos the “Best Restaurant of the Week”


Couldn’t be prouder of this kind of local recognition from fabAZ.

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AZ Foothills Reviews CRUjiente Tacos


AZ Foothills perfectly describes the menu selections created by Chef Hinojosa as “little works of taco art”. Check out the full review

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3TV Phoenix Covers CRUjiente


Gibby from 3TV tastes our “little cravings” live on-air. One kiss and Gibby fell in love with our Lengua Taco! See more of what Gibby had to say about CRUjiente
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CRU Tacos Bringing Elevated Street Tacos to Phoenix

About Us

ABC15 Gives you the full breakdown on Crujiente Tacos.

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Rated Best Taco AND Best New Restaurant by AZ Foothills


Praised yet again by Arizona Foothills magazine.

AZ Foothills Top List

Phoenix Magazine is All About Our Pork Belly Tacos


We nailed this one and Phoenix Magazine ate it up. It’s good to see our efforts to deliver a premium properly cooked pork belly taco went anything but unnoticed.

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We’re on AZCentral’s list of New Best Restaurants 2017!


We love nothing more than rave reviews, even more so when they come from as renowned a source as someone like AZCentral. Get the full story below.

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Taco Tuesday Featured In New Times


Our $5 Taco Tuesday combo featured in latest Phoenix New Times Food & Drink

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Chef Hinojosa Featured In Modern Luxury Scottsdale


Our very own named 1 of 5 ‘Chefs of the moment’ in the latest issue of Modern Luxury, Scottsdale edition. Read more

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CRUjiente Named to Thrillist’s Best New Restaurant


Thrillist names CRUjiente Tacos one of the top new restaurants in Phoenix for 2016!! Read their article to see what they had to say HERE and be sure to stop by the restaurant to check out our DAILY SPECIALS

New Must Try Restaurant for Original Tacos


AZCentral covers CRUjiente as one of the “Must-Try” restaurants opened recently in the Valley. See what had to say about us

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